Simple, Cost-Effective Solutions for Cleaner Floors

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Absolute Hygienic Services has been helping facilities maintain clean, safe and healthy floors that keep their employees safe and their customers coming back. Absolute offers a number of innovative floor cleaning methods that balance cleaning
effectiveness, productivity, simplicity and cost-effectiveness. You no longer have to sacrifice high performance cleaning
results for cost and simplicity. Plus Absolute's methods are gentle on floors and finish, helping to prolong finish life and
reduce refinishing operations.

Improved Floor Safety

Our science-based systems incorporate the latest soil removal technology that actually improves traction and slip
resistance. In fact, our Cleaning systems have been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) as providing
High Traction.

Food for Thought: Restaurant Dining Room Cleaning

Americans love to eat out. We average 4.5 times a week nationally, according to Zagat, and that doesn't even
include breakfast! But be warned, whether it's four-star, fast-casual or something in between, diners can
potentially walk away with more than a meal. Germs and other pathogens often hide in plain sight, even in the
cleanest-looking space. And guests might not even walk in if your front-of-house looks less that sparkling.
Proper restaurant dining room cleaning will keep the public, and profits, healthy.

Eat With Your Eyes

A spotless entryway and dining area telegraphs a restaurant's quality. Employees should make sure the
parking lot and front windows sparkle and the host stand looks neat and organized. Turn on all lights and open
drapes or blinds before morning cleaning for a clear view of the job at hand. Don't forget to look up. Air vents,
ceiling tiles, lights and fans collect dust quickly. Look down as dust too, hangs out on table bases and chair
legs. Pull booths away from walls to clean the sides and back. Take off any removable seats to get at crumbs
and grime.

Would You Like Germs With That?

People usually think of the kitchen and restroom when it comes to the germiest places in a restaurant, but the
front of house harbors a surprising number of pathogens. Dr. Charles Gerba-aka Dr. Germ-found that the
average pepper shaker is coated with 11,000 bacteria. But that wasn't even the worst offender. Menus,
particularly the plastic-coated ones, hold that title. It makes sense. Everyone, the host, guest and wait staff,
touches them and viruses and bacteria thrive on hard surfaces.